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  • Professional Individual Eyebrow Extensions
  • 4 colour shades ( light brown, brown, medium brown, dark brown )
  • Chloe MIRACLE mixed length trays 5mm-8mm
  • Straight Eyebrow hairs 


Glue Description:
10ml Glue for Eyebrows Extensions 0.3s Dry Time 


Drying time: 0.3 second
Content: 10 ml

1. For professional use only.
2. If eye contact, flush with saline solution or water for 10 minutes.
Seek immediate medical assistance.
3. A very fast setting adhesive for advanced technicians only.
4. Shake enough before use.
5. Store upright in a cool,dry place..
6. Keep out of reach of children
7. Do not use place which close to the fire

Ethyl cyanoacrylate, PMMA, Hydroquinone, Carbon black.

Professional use only.
Ideal for high skill and fast hand technicians.
High fume colorful adhesive.
Perfect for eyebrows extensions


Remover Description:

  • Fast & safe eyebrows extension removal ever!! 
  • Gel consistency provides very economical usage.
  • Removes the extensions without damaging your natural eyebrows.
  • High-quality adhesive remover.
  • Dissolves bonds in seconds.
  • The safe formula doesn’t cause irritation. 
  • 1 X 15 ml Eyebrows Removal



1 x Light Brows hair

1 x Brown hair

1 x Medium Brown hair

1 X Dark Brown hair

1x 10ml fast dry eyebrows extensions glue glue

1 x 15ml eyebrows extensions removal


Professional use only !!!!

Chloe MIRACLE Individual Eyebrows Extensions Kit

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