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Chloe MIRACLE Eyebrows Pencil

Color: Black 


Package: 5
pcs in the same color 


1.Easy to color, without hurting the skin, easy to outline the three-dimensional eyebrow shape. 

2.Natural fluency, smooth and delicate brush strokes,moderate toughness, not easy to break. 

3.Due to the waterproof design of those pencils, your eyebrows will always remain perfect even if your face gets wet or you go to the gym and get sweaty. 

4.Sweet gift for your best friends and beloved person. 
How to use: 

1.Using your fingers or nails, find and pull the string on the side of the eyebrow pencils and peel the excess off. 

2.Using sharpening tool, carve the tip of the eyebrow pencil liner to give it the shape and thickness you prefer.


1.Keep Out Of Reach Of Children. 

2.Please sharp the pencil into duck mouth after peel off, or its not easy for coloring if in original sharp.

Chloe MIRACLE Eyebrows Pencil ( set of 5 )

Chloe Miracle: Black
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